Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Minnesota handmade cruiser skateboard

I really like handmade skateboards:
made by DL boards

For more info. on Minnesota handmade skateboard decks  check out Obsolete.  Their new Minnesota Missile is a really nice looking skateboard. I really like the look of this cruiser style skateboard deck.  I am getting too old and fat to ride on it, but my daughter would love a cruiser like this made in Minnesota:
Read the description of this board below:

Introducing the NEW, locally crafted, ‘Minnesota Missile’ skate deck from OBSOLETE Skateboards! The ‘Minnesota Missile’ was inspired by the first few skateboards ever made. NO ply’s, NO fiberglass, NO bullish*t. Straight up solid oak. These old school cruiser decks will have you skating for hours.

Locally made by WAAM Industries, each deck has a unique grain pattern and stain+lacquer finish. These decks are available in both the classic tear drop shape, or always popular, fishtail design. Hang it on the wall as a totally-rad art piece or shred it when you’re in the mood to cruise.

Be one of the first to buy at Soundset 2014, this Sunday! Decks come as a complete with Penny Trucks+Wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. Kick it old school with a deck that is truly OBSOLETE!