Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Query Letters, Red Sofa Literary and Tons of Links for Millenials, Hipsters, and even Trump Followers!

Quote from her interview:
"I do believe the marketing departments play a huge role, in that they may focus more on some titles than others. We’ve all seen this internally in publishing. Yes, it can affect the rise and fall in the marketplace. Yet, there are steps any author can take to also keep a buzz around his/her book. Social media is extremely accessible, and once a person meets the right people in the social media – good things can happen as those relationships develop. In the pre-internet days, one had to depend on the marketing departments to help in the promotion of a book. Now, there are multiple outlets and ways to reach out to readers and fellow writers. My theory is that it’s in the best interest of any author to come up with a detailed marketing strategy and execute it, along with the publisher’s plan. Additionally, authors need to be prepared to promote that book for at least three to five years [after publication]."
–Dawn Fredrick, Red Sofa Literary

From Writer's Digest: Read more than 60 examples of successful query letters. Study queries that worked, and hear from literary agents on why they cut through the slush pile.

2016 Internship Opportunity (deadline 4/30/16)

April 2016 – INTERNSHIP posting (for Red Sofa Literary)
Meet interesting people! Discover new authors! Build your publishing street cred! Chat on social media about things other than my breakfast! If you’ve ever wanted to the learn the ins and outs of life at a literary agency, we sure could use your help.
Red Sofa Literary is currently looking for two interns (unpaid) to join the summer/fall staff. Duties include but are not limited to: beta reading manuscripts, promoting authors on the @teamredsofa Twitter account and Facebook page, and maintaining the RSL calendar and Wiki page. A keen eye for great books, Excel and Word proficiency, and strong social media skills are a must.
Hours: 5-10 hours a week.
Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Northern Virginia, remote if available by Skype.
Please send your cv/resume and cover letter toTeamSofa@redsofaliterary.com to apply.
Deadline: April 30, 2016.
  Check out their publishing boutique here:  https://redsofaliterary.com/