Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Free Classes in Digitial Marketing and Coding with Links

For students interested in avoiding the boring work world of dealing with bosses and overpaid paper shufflers, coding and digital marketing may allow a career at a decent employer like Google, which has a carnival like setting for the up and coming millennial, concerned with thousand dollar fat tire bikes, longboarding, growing beards, micro brews, and acting like hipsters. (I am a jealous, Gen. X dude myself). 
Notice the ear plugs, beard, and hair jelly.   I smell a dirty hipster!
Sure, I like fat tire bikes, but I can't afford them because of my choice to go into education.   Well, fellow idealists, let me tell you.... the world of education hasn't become any more interesting or devoid of political garbage...it is a microcosm representative of the current U.S. system of good ole boy political tactics and little intelligence to back up major life changing decisions affecting tax payers and students. 

So, forget about changing the world and go into something working with technology.  In the near future, all education will be virtual, and the money pit education system will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Should-you-learn-python-c-or-ruby-to-be-a-top-coder-infographic Free courses and a great deal of information, along with....wait for it....
An infographic for those of us too lazy to read the article. "Ah...the beauty of the ADD generation."

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