Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report: May 2017

Brainerd Fishing Report
Crappie fishing in the Brainerd Lakes Area has been hit or miss, with the weather, but when you find them it can be bast and furious. Fish are still being found on weed flats in 6-8 feet of water. Much like any kind of fishing, playing the wind is the key. This past weekend we found active crappies feeding along a weed edge that had some emergent weed growth. Between bugs and minnows the fish were actively feeding. A 1/32oz jig with a tube under a slip bobber was the ticket. Constantly changing the depths at which you have the bobber set as well as the colors of the tubes. Pink/white, pearl, black, and purple were all good colors. An important thing is to make sure your bobber is always sitting vertical and you aren’t using too big of one and you are changing your retrieve as crappies will respond differently throughout the day.