Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trip to North Shore of Minnesota

North Shore Trip 2016
North Shore, MN

After living in Minnesota for so long, I wasn't surprised to see a few snow flurries leading up to the fishing opener on Friday.  Since the weather was so cold, my mantra for opener is that it is for amateurs, much like New Year's Eve.  

I prefer to spend my time on the water in less crowded conditions, so I wet a line on this beautiful Monday, and will continue to fish all days except opener.  I have been catching a lot of fishing lately, especially on Lake...sorry, I can't remember the name.

The prey I am after include crappies and sunfish, but I will eat most types of fish.   I am pretty sure after being doused in breading, and fried, covered with butter and lemon, all of them taste about the same.

So, back to the cold weather, which is a Minnesotan thing to talk about....
Well, the cold front seemed to get worse heading to Duluth on Friday, so I stopped at the Cromwell Liquor store, and was pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon a meat raffle.  I bought two tickets, won during the second round, and left before being beat up by a Finlander, who teased me for setting my meat up on the bar.

 Upon my arrival on the North Shore of Minnesota, I was greeted by seasonal allergies and blond Finnish women in the sauna. 

You see, the leaves hadn't even popped out on the trees up on the shore, and the pollen was killing me. The best way to deal with allergies is to wash down some Zyrtec and Flonase with micro brews, surround oneself with hipsters, and guzzle down some nine dollar beers made of cage free organic hops and served by tattoo-sleeved outdoorsy types.
 I don't know if the beer helped my allergies, but after a few I really started chatting up the Portland fashion influenced Duluthians and Two Harborites.  Turns out, they are friendly, fashion conscious, bearded (males), and love to drink micro brews, too!
 If you ever head up the north shore, be sure to check out the HUGE maple tree slab, and tasty brews at http://castledangerbrewery.com/.