Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mike Long on Comedy, Writing and Physics

Excerpt from the article above on Advice for Students:

Advice for Students

Physics is a Life Skill
“You may love physics, and just not know it,” Mike says. “If you crave order, if you imagine there is more to the world than mere opinion, it’s the way to go. What distinguishes it from other sciences is that it ultimately it teaches you how to think- if you can master the technique of learning physics, you can learn pretty much anything, and it will make you better at whatever you want to do.” 

Enjoy Your Work
“When you pick a career, the only question you should ask is ‘what looks like fun?’” Mike says. “The goal is to get up in the morning and do what you like. So many people say, ‘I’m going to find something that makes enough money so I can enjoy the rest of my time’- and that’s just a terrible mistake. You have to integrate your love with your work.” 

Don’t Rule Out Options
Mike initially ruled out writing as a career because he didn’t know if it was a practical career option. He leaned towards physics and biology because even though he didn’t know many professional scientists, he knew the sciences were thriving, mentally-challenging fields with many job opportunities. 

Regardless of what fields or subjects you are interested in, if you aren’t familiar with available career options, don’t rule them out. Research about them online and reach out to possible mentors. 
“If you really truly love it with your heart…find a way to do it,” Mike says. “The very best thing you can do is get paid to be yourself.”