Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pueblo, Colorado and Wish they all could be California

Tattoo sleeved, hipster haircut wearing Californians

I have never been to Pueblo, Colorado.
I have been to Steamboat Springs back twenty years ago.
I fell into a ten foot ditch in the black of night.
But my young drunken bones were unbreakable.

I threw frisbee golf in the sage brush field near the community college.
I bought trustafarians numerous expensive micro brews.
I decided to grow out my hair and hike for seven days.
But at the top of the mountain it was freezing fucking cold.

I got a flat tire but friendly folks at the gas station fixed it.
I was from Minnesota, not California.
I was spared my life and they put on my spare.
But people in Colorado fucking hate Californians.