Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Toronto Blue Jays Millionaire Baseball Player Van Dweller

Tiny House Talk has a great page about van dwelling.   Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris decided to purchase a 1978 VW van.  It was his dream vehicle.  When I attended college, I was friends with a guy that was raised by deadheads and he was always working on VW vans. I think it is really cool Daniel Norris likes to simplify life and travel around surfing and camping out of the VW when he isn't pitching for the Blue Jays. I have included the original article below, and have some links to more information on Daniel Norris and van dwelling:

Millionaire Pro Baseball Player Also a Van Dweller

on MARCH 23, 2015

When 21 year old Daniel Norris got a $2 million signing bonus to pitch for the Toronto Blue Jays one of the first things he decided to do was buy his dream car… Which just happens to be a 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia bus where he lives simply from. Yes. This is also his home.

The young man is from Johnson City, Tennessee and the people who know him definitely think he’s a little weird for his lifestyle choices. But at the same time they find him interesting. According to GrindTV, Norris says, “I knew after I signed that I was going to get a Volkswagen van. It was my dream car.”

Now the van is set up with solar panels and all. And Daniel uses it to travel to practice training, to adventure, to surf, to go hiking, and more. Doesn’t this story inspire you to consider a similar or just simpler lifestyle? I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this story below and re-share it if you want to. Thanks.

Here are some links for people interested in full time or part time van dwelling:

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