Monday, May 11, 2015

Rolling CB Interviews™: Phil Miller Livestock Hauling and 10-4 Magazine

For more information on Phil Miller, check out his interview at 10-4 Magazine;

Here are more of the Rolling CB interviews.  This is a great resource from learning more about the world of trucking and transportation from the source.  The drivers featured in this series are very devoted to the trucking lifestyle and they have a great deal of pride concerning their rolling office rigs. I have listened to most of the interviews and I subscribe to the youtube channel.  The interviews are usually conducted on the interstate in Florida, and it is interesting to hear what the drivers are hauling and their destination. The video above is a great example of why I enjoy listening to the Rolling CB interviews.  The owner operator featured in this interview hauls live loads with a bull wagon.  Enjoy the interviews, and keep it between the lines!

Here are some more pictures of Phil Miller's truck courtesy of 10-4 Magazine: